Fast-Track Your Patient’s Results

Discover Motion Training On A Whole New Level


Real-Time Joint Motion Tracking To
Fast-Track Your Patients' Results

Get better, more accurate readings of patients’ movements and recovery using Bobo Motion. 

Discover The Advantages Of
Real-Time Biofeedback & A Gamified Experience

Control Patient Progress

Control your patients’ progress every step of the way with real-time joint motion tracking and biofeedback

Enjoy Every Training Session

Sensors inside the smart Bobo Motion track every element of your training to measure your improvement & fast-track your results


Bobo Motion is easy to set up and easy to use. It will only take your patient 2 minutes to attach the motion sensor to the specific part of their body they want to train… and they’re good to go

Measure And Set ROM Parameters

Visual biofeedback will guide your patients in the execution of the exercises. You will be able to track every step of the training while your patient can enjoy the workout

Real-Time Joint-Motion Tracking +

Track Your Patients' Progress
Every Step Of The Way


A Captivating Experience

Motivate your patients while you track their progress — the sensor can pick up the movement range and tell you where your patients are improving and where you need to focus.

Used on its own or coupled with your Bobo Pro board, Bobo Motion will not only speed up recovery time but ensure your patients execute the exercises correctly and benefit from the right ones that help meet their own unique goals. 


Make Exercise Fun!

Athletes, always looking to improve their form and stability, can use Bobo Motion to train their muscles while preventing injury to their joints. The sensor analyses and shares information you wouldn’t otherwise have on your body and its reception to an exercise regime.

It’s high time you stop improvising and start making more educated decisions when it comes to your greatest asset — your body and its performance. 

Make Your Training Fun!

£219.00 (Incl. VAT)


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