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Personalised training programs

Cover the Cost in Under an Hour

Thousands of healthcare professionals around the world already use Bobo as part of their physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs.

And now, we’ve developed a unique plan exclusively for UK-based physios to make implementing Bobo in your clinic easier than ever.

Bobo isn’t just another workout machine. This is a business investment and growth tool.


More Smiling Patients

Say goodbye to repetitive exercises with the gamified experience of Bobo’s interactive balance boards. Patients forget they’re doing balance training and enjoy stimulating games, making recovery faster, while building your reputation as a top-tier clinic.

This isn’t just about making training enjoyable. Research shows gamification improves performance. It shifts patients’ focus from pain to the activity. When their mind is stimulated by visual tasks, muscle activity increases far more compared to using a traditional balance board.

Bobo Has Been Used By


What’s Included?

With the help of expert physiotherapists, we’ve formulated the perfect packages to help you treat more patients simultaneously and with higher efficacy, giving you the power to scale.

Plus, if you’re an early adopter of telerehabilitation, you can lend patients equipment to boost home recovery too!

Bobo Home 2.0

Introducing the new, upgraded smart balance board that will keep your patients wanting to come back for more.

Bobo Pro App

Get access to the Bobo Pro app, usually only available with the purchase of the Bobo Pro (RRP £1019.00).


Subscription Packages

Monthly Subscription


/ month
(Excl. VAT)

Annual Subscription


/ month
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/ one-time
(Excl. VAT)


Customers Say

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

The Bobo plans are tailor-made to bring you all the benefits of optimized, data-driven physio, without the initial high cost associated with professional-grade equipment. Our software collects data that would usually cost your clinic tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Be a leader in your field

Stay ahead of the curve and attract more high-value clients searching for the latest treatments. The future of physio is digital, and you can be at the front of the pack.

Motivate your patients

With exciting tilt games like snowboarding, patients will look forward to sessions. Repetitive workouts become a fun challenge—both in the clinic and at home!

Optimise recovery times

When physio is enjoyable, sessions are more consistent and effective. Bobo has been clinically proven to fast-track rehabilitation for all levels and abilities.

Verify results with objective data

Our smart software gathers large amounts of data, so you can monitor performance in real time and demonstrate your clinic’s success in detailed reports.

Minimal investment, maximum benefit

Our low-cost subscription plan means your business (and patients) can start benefitting from faster, optimised rehab with almost no financial risk.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

We’re not reinventing the wheel—just improving upon well-tested, widely-recognised concepts. You don’t need to learn a whole new operating system.

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