A Proven Way To Fast-Track Your Patient’s Results


Discover How You Can
Fast-TrackYour Patient’s Results
While Making Training-Sessions Fun

Bobo board – a smart board that is mounted on traditional balance training products turning them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels.

BoBo Motion – A wearable motion sensor that allows accurate joint measure and engaging rehab program.

Maximise Training Efficiency

Match your expertise with the right games and let your patients enjoy every session. Your patients will love the workouts and the results they’ll be getting. Win-Win

Track Your Patients' Performance

Real-time feedback & data will always keep you up-to-date on the results of your patients. Measure their performance and adjust the workouts accordingly

Easy To Set Up

It’s only a matter of a few minutes until you’ve set everything up. The smart all-in-one device will make it easy for you to track your patients’ performance

Endless Variety of Games

Thanks to a company’s patent, the BoBo can control many 3rd party tilt games, such as snowboard, mazes, car races and many more – turning every training session into an exciting and fun experience.


Stay On Top Of Mind
And See Your Patients Succeed


Make balance fun!

 Bobo Pro is a sophisticated albeit intuitive balance training board that, paired with its own bobo Motion  collects and analyses your patients’ progress with each session.

Balance training can positively impact everyone —  at every age and at every fitness or mobility level — but it is especially important after surgery or in dealing with injuries.


Personalised training programs

The Bobo Pro system can help achieve a patient’s unique goals and needs, in less time and with less risk of injury.

Monitor and review the data collected during each workout and game — it’s easy to forget you’re in therapy when you’re having fun!

Today, bobopro is a staple in therapy practices the world over, showing proven results while helping stimulate and motivate patients.

Make Your Training Fun!

£1019.00 (incl. VAT)


Customers Say

Frequently asked questions.

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

Bobo is an interactive Smartboard and balance disc. Connects to smartphone/tablet Can be used anywhere. Affordable and Runs all BOBO games and training programs

Bobo can be used from ages 4 to 104! From basic balance games, to advanced strength exercises and tests.
Bobo is excellent for a quick exercise and be adjusted in difficulty for all levels.

If you enjoy fun, short games you’ll probably enjoy our product.
Bobo combines fun exercises and games into the ultimate training method.

Well, everywhere!
The bobo board is a light-weight device that you can carry anywhere. Vacation, gym, to a friend’s house, the options are endless.

No. when you get the bobo home, you also get a balance cushion, a bobo board, the bobo board charging cable, and an air pump for the balance cushion.

A quick start guide for using your bobo home can be found here.

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