Bobo electronic Balancing Board

Improve your balance - at home.


Up Your Core Workouts With Our Wobble Balance Boards

Bobo Home is a smart, affordable balance board that mounts on traditional balance training products turning them into integrative and smart training platforms.

Track Your Performance While Having Fun

Making Training Fun

Let’s face it - balance training can be boring. Bobo Home converts your training into a fun game.

Track Your Result

Sensors inside the smart bobo balance board track every element of your training to measure your improvement & fast-track your results.

Easy To Use

You literally can do this everywhere. You just need your Bobo Board and your phone or tablet. And in less than 5 minutes everything is set up and you can start your training

Your Own Personal Trainer At Home

No extra fees for a personal trainer because everything is included. Every workout is perfectly customized on your specific needs and wants

Virtual Personal Trainer and Engaging Games

Prevent Injury + Improve Performance + Rehabilitate Quicker


Make balance fun!

Find the right balance of work and play with Bobo Home. Enjoy a series of challenging games that will help with your recovery and improve your coordination and agility.

By tilting the balance board, you can control games and training programs that will give you new challenges and keep you motivated.


Personalized training programs

Bobo Home’s software  offers personalized training programs that keep track of user performance and progress.

Compatible with a wide range of free games and training programs, Bobo Home lets you choose the content that you likes – turning exercise/rehabilitation into a fun and rewarding activity.

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Customers Say

Frequently asked questions.

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

BoBo is an interactive smart balance board and balance disc. Your BoBo electric balance board connects to a smartphone/tablet and can be used anywhere. It’s affordable and runs all BoBo games and training programs.

BoBo can be used from ages 4 to 104! From basic balance games, to advanced strength exercises, balance board fitness, and tests.

BoBo is excellent for a quick workout and the self-balancing board can be adjusted in difficulty for all levels.

If you enjoy fun, short games you’ll probably enjoy our product.

BoBo combines fun exercises and games into the ultimate training method. It is the exercise balance board of tomorrow, available for you today.

Well, everywhere!

The BoBo balance board is a light-weight device that you can carry anywhere for balance board fitness. Vacation, gym, to a friend’s house, the options are endless.

No. When you get the BoBohome, you also get a balance cushion, a BoBo electric balance board, the BoBo board charging cable, and an air pump for the balance cushion.

Yes. English, Italian, Chinese, Greek, French, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean


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