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Tackling Your Fear of Falling

Falls shouldn’t be an inevitable part of growing older. With the Bobo Home interactive balance trainer, they don’t have to be.

Just 10 minutes of daily use gently strengthens the joints and muscles vital for balance, keeping you steady on your feet and preventing you from taking a tumble.


Maintain an effective daily balance practice

Fully-Guided Balance Activities

Balance training must be guided and measured to achieve effective results. Bobo Home gives you exactly that.

Our balance training app connects to your balance board, making balance training fun and engaging, and helping you to stick to a regular training schedule.

10 Minutes a Day Helps Prevent Falls

With 10 minutes of daily balance practice, your leg muscles and balance reactions become stronger, which can help reduce your risk of falling.

Effective, Portable, Low-Impact Exercises

The Bobo Home balance board is light, so the locations where you can do the low-impact exercises are limitless.

Place your board on a dry, flat surface and get balancing!


Life-Changing Results in 10 Minutes a Day

Falls are the number one reason older adults go to A&E.

When you have a fall, it can damage your confidence and leave you cautious about carrying out daily activities. Things like uneven pavements or stairs can suddenly pose a risk, making simple tasks like walking to the shops a source of anxiety. 

Bobo helps you regain control of your life.

Through gentle guided exercises, Bobo helps you rebuild your strength and reclaim your freedom. Just 10 minutes daily can improve coordination, balance, core strength, agility, and flexibility. It even helps you react faster if you do stumble, reducing the risk of more serious consequences.

Keep doing the hobbies and activities you love for longer.

Improved mobility means you’ll enjoy a better quality of life. With your body active and your mind sharp, you’ll notice an enhancement in your general well-being, too! 

Wave Goodbye to Fall Anxiety!

Daily Confidence

Regular use builds stability and strength.

Peace of Mind

Feel safer with every step you take.

10 Minutes to Better Balance

Quick and Powerful

Short daily sessions for long-term independence.

Proven Results

Designed by experts to lower the risk of falls.

Low Impact, High Reward

Easy on Joints

Perfect to maintain fitness without strain.

Portable Freedom

Use it at home, in the garden, or wherever you feel comfortable.

Live Balanced, Live Better

Simple and Effective

Expertly crafted by physiotherapists, each workout is designed for maximum health benefit while keeping senior safety in mind.

Focus on Fall Prevention

Trust in Bobo’s proven results. Just a few minutes daily can make a world of difference to your health and happiness.

Gentle and Convenient

Ideal for those who need a softer approach to exercise. Bobo’s low-impact routines are kind to your body and easy to do anywhere.


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