How to Use Bobo Systems in Your Physiotherapy Practice

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Created by two experienced professional physiotherapists, the Bobo systems have been expertly designed to be the ultimate tool for:


Injury prevention & recovery

Athletic performance training

The Bobo balance boards have been clinically proven to increase strength, flexibility, anticipation, endurance, agility, coordination, focus, and control in those who incorporate it into their training regime.

The value of it, then, for professional physiotherapists working with clients who wish to improve these qualities, is substantial.

Now you’ve heard about NivaMD’s smart new tech that is taking the physiotherapy world by storm, you might be wondering how you can actually use it in your clinic.

Here we will suggest ways that you can implement the range of Bobo systems in your physiotherapy training and answer some common questions that we get from healthcare professionals.

Using the Bobo Pro

The Bobo Pro balance board has been designed for physiotherapists to use in-situ with their patients.

The Pro software includes a multiple patient dashboard and advanced pre-sets of rehabilitation protocols for your convenience. You can access automatic training programs as well as totally customised ones, giving you full control to tailor your patients’ exercise routine to their specific needs.

When purchasing the Bobo Pro, you also receive the Bobo Motion, a wearable motion sensor that allows accurate joint measure, and a breakthrough Android console that integrates all mobile tilt games into traditional balance training.

Using the Bobo Pro balance board mounted on a balance cushion as a controller, your patients can play pre-loaded Bobo games as well as a huge selection of third-party tilt games.

During the game or workout routine, sensors on the balance board provide real-time biofeedback on your patients’ movements. Reviewing this valuable data means you can objectively monitor their progress and adjust their training program with precision – supporting a faster recovery time and greater improvements in their athletic ability.  

Although the Bobo Pro is wider than its ‘Home’ counterpart, it is still surprisingly lightweight at just 1.8kg. This makes it ideal to take with you when traveling to treat patients at their home or another location, as well as for use in your practice. Setting up your Bobo Pro should take no more than a few minutes, and with battery life which lasts for 12 hours of continuous use, you can rely on it to keep up with your schedule and perform all day long.

Lynsay is a professional physician who works with people suffering with neurological conditions and specialises in the rehabilitation of those who have had a traumatic accident or injury. She has seen first-hand how using Bobo has helped her clients succeed:

“The BoBo Board has made a big difference in my clients’ motivation and recovery, allowing them to get stronger and fitter”.


The Bobo Pro allows you to provide your patients with a superior training experience that will help them achieve their rehabilitation goals faster than ever before.

Other than the clear benefits to your clients themselves, this also has fantastic implications for your business:

You can use the data collected during training sessions as evidence to show proven results, and back up your practice’s methods – attracting more clients such as high-caliber athletes, inherently promoting your brand and supporting business growth.

Bobo Home

One of the main challenges of a physiotherapist is keeping patients motivated, which can be tricky when motivation predominantly depends on the amount of progress made – and progress can be slow and inconsistent, relying heavily on the patient adhering to their home training program.

The Bobo Home balance board provides an innovative solution. By turning therapy sessions with otherwise boring elements, like range of movement exercises, into exciting games played on a smart device, patients forget they are training and actually enjoy the experience. This keeps patients engaged throughout sessions and motivated to continue their home rehab program, which in turn catapults their recovery.

Bobo Home has also got glowing reviews from the cycling and biking community who use it as an important training mechanism, pushing their performance forward, helping them to reach their full athletic potential.

It’s that precision customised training, coupled with measurable real-time biofeedback and data, which is what makes the Bobo balance board the perfect device for athletes striving for those all-important performance gains.

Join the wealth of physiotherapists worldwide recommending or offering Bobo Home to their clients as a smart, affordable way to boost the speed, quality, and enjoyment of their rehabilitation.  

If you are interested in learning about our affiliate program for physiotherapists, please contact for information. 

Bobo Motion

Discover motion training on a whole new level with the Bobo Motion, a compact smart device that allows for better, more accurate readings of your patients’ movements – whether they are in the clinic, or at home! 

The Bobo Motion is the ultimate tool in remote physiotherapy. When your patients attach the small piece of smart-tech to a part of their body during exercise, the smart sensors track every element of their training. This data, used with the advanced AI Bobo software, measures performance improvement and provides detailed biofeedback in real-time.

The visual feedback on the paired smart device guides your patients in their execution of the exercises, maximising the effectiveness of every movement. And you can track every step of their training through objective data, with the ability to remotely customise ROM parameters based on their progress. 

Bobo Motion can be used alone for comprehensive patient training and monitoring. It includes an endless variety of games, both automatic and customised training programs, and fully detailed and exportable reports. Based on individual patients’ needs, it can be used in conjunction with the Bobo balance board for an even faster journey to successful recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ section on our website for more information.

Good question! There are many possibilities on the table if you’re looking for ways to monetise Bobo. Here are some ideas that we’ve come up with to give you food for thought.

Although the Bobo balance board is designed for use by one person, that by no means implies it needs to be a solitary activity! Imagine a unique new style of balance training that uses multiple

Bobo boards in a group setting. For example, comparing game scores and exercise data with others present can introduce a higher competitive aspect for balance training that is also socially stimulating.

Perhaps you have a patient that isn’t able or willing to purchase a Bobo for themselves, yet you know how much it would benefit them to use one. Now, they don’t have to miss out. The Bobo Home or the Bobo Motion are both fantastic pieces of equipment for your practice to purchase and loan out to patients as needed, whilst still maintaining ownership of the item. 

  • Great ROI: quickly recover the cost of your initial investment
  • Marketing angle: use Bobo as a USP for your clinic to build reputation
  • Added value: go the extra mile in your client offerings
  • Hi-tech: be an industry leader using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Accessibility: encourage Bobo uptake for all, to see better results across the board

When patients enjoy playing the games on your Bobo balance board, they will surely want one that they can take home and keep for themselves. Naturally, you can suggest the Bobo Home system. Share your affiliate link on your social media pages and website for maximum reach.

All of them! No, really. The Bobo balance board can be used whilst standing or sitting, and it has adjustable difficulty levels as well as customisable training programs that you can tailor specifically to the individual.

The difficulty can also be modified using external factors – simply fill or deflate the balance cushion which the balance board lays on, or swap the cushion out for a different balance tool entirely. 

The Bobo system is proving it’s worth all around the world for a spectrum of ages, from young children right through to the elderly.

You might find this starter guide video helpful which runs through the set-up of the Bobo Home.

Please get in touch with us for information about how to become an affiliate at

One of the many brilliant aspects of Bobo is its ease of use: turn the Bobo balance board or Bobo Motion on, open the app and connect the device, and you’re ready to go! To get a look at the Bobo balance board in action, check out this video.

At this stage we don’t offer trials or demonstrations. If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, or you’re still unsure about how the Bobo system works, then please contact our team directly at for guidance.

The whole family of Bobo products have applicable uses in rehabilitation work. Bobo Pro is designed for use by multiple patients during sessions in your clinic or practice.

Bobo Home is intended for patients to continue their physiotherapy work at home. The Bobo Motion is designed for patients to use at home whilst allowing you to track their progress and adjust their ROM parameters remotely.

However, it can also be used in tandem with the Bobo balance board either in-clinic or at-home for a superlatively holistic training and analysis experience.


Table of Contents

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