How to Improve Your Coordination With Balance Training

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If you want to feel healthy and in optimal condition, you will need to work on your body. One of those elements is your overall coordination, including your balance and ability to remain upright, steady, and avoid falling over and injuring yourself. 

Coordination is the ability to utilize and move different parts of your body simultaneously, smoothly, and with efficiency. Many conditions can affect coordination, including vertigo, taking certain medications, prolonged misuse of alcohol or drugs, degenerative brain diseases, multiple sclerosis, and even the general aging process. 

If you’re keen to improve your general coordination, there are many at-home exercises you can try and available training methods. That can be done under your healthcare professional’s watchful eye, but you can also do many activities at home in your own time. One great and proven way to improve coordination and balance is to use a balance board.

Smart balance boards, such as the top quality options provided by Bobo Balance, have shown to increase balance and, therefore, coordination over time. Specific balance boards can connect to your TV, and you can download training exercises to do in time with the screen. That can be particularly useful if you become somewhat bored when following written instructions! 

An interactive approach helps you stay invested in your training. Some balance boards can also be connected to your healthcare professional, who can checkers in real-time progress.

Ways to Improve Your Coordination Using Wobble Boards

However, improving your coordination can be done in several ways. Let’s look at a few methods you can try to boost your coordination, balance, stability, and general safety as a result.

Train With Your Eyes Closed

When performing at-home exercises which are static and you know your surroundings well, you can try training with your eyes closed. For instance, stand on one leg and close your eyes. Do you wobble around, or do you find it easy to stand still? Can you touch your nose with your eyes closed? 

By closing your eyes, you’re shutting off one of your senses, which forces you to rely upon the others more carefully. It is an effective method for boosting coordination; however, never attempt. To do this if you’re in surroundings that you don’t know well or in a small space containing hazards. 

Try Strength Training Exercises 

By strengthening your muscles and joints, in particular, your coordination and balance will be significantly improved. Focus on essential joints to avoid falls and injuries, such as the knees, hips, and shoulders. These can give you a greater sense of confidence, which also helps to ensure that you remain steady when moving around. For older people, ensuring strong muscles and joints is vital to reduce the chances of falling, increasing with age. 

It is all about having a strong foundation to build upon, and it doesn’t mean you need to pump iron in the gym. Focus on core strengthening exercises that can quickly be done with a balance board and squat to build your lower half strength. 

Focus on Balance Specifically 

If you have a good sense of balance, you’re automatically boosting your coordination. Again, using a balance board and following training exercises is a great way to improve your credit. Balance boards are handy, especially in reducing older adults’ chances of falling and causing themselves severe injuries.   

When you focus on improving your balance, you’re helping to distribute your weight evenly over your frame. That ensures that you’re not tipping to one side, walking unevenly, and increasing the chances of falling. 

Use a balance board to stand on one leg and hold the pose for half a minute. That engages your core muscles to build strength while improving your balance at the same time. You can use many at-home exercise options with a balance board, but you can work on balance even without one. Draw a straight line on the floor and walk along with it, looking straight ahead. The idea is to remain on the line and walk completely straight. These types of exercises will boost balance as well as coordination at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

Working to improve your coordination and balance is never a waste of time. Not only will you have more confidence, but you’ll feel stronger in yourself too. You will reduce your chances of tripping over and falling, therefore drastically minimize serious injury. Having strong coordination and balance is vital, especially with advancing age. 

The earlier you start to work on your coordination and balance, the healthier you will be.


Table of Contents

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